Abington Youth Football

What are the age groups?

Mighty Mites: Grade 2

Mites: Grades 3 and 4

Pee Wees: Grades 5 and 6

Midgets: Grades 7 and 8

How much is registration?

Registration is $300 for the season.

Late Fee: $100 after May 15, 2024.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can select that option when registering.

When does the football season begin?

All practices will be held at Memorial Field, Abington High School Turf, or Reilly Field. Coaches will communicate where and when practices will be held through the Crossbar App. Our preseason will begin August 9th.  We typically practice 5 days a week during the preseason. Once our season starts on September 8th the practice schedule will be at the discretion of the coaches, however we cannot practice on Monday.  

Athletes are expected to:

●       Come to all practices prepared and on time. (Please include enough time for your athlete to get their pads on and be ready to start on time.)

●       Wear appropriate practice uniform and appropriate pads.  Coaches will let the team know if they should wear helmets, helmets and shoulder pads, or full equipment.  

●       All athletes will need to have a mouthguard with a tether that attaches to their facemask. They cannot play or participate in contact portions of practice without it.

●       Stay for the entire length of the practice. 

●       Bring a labeled water bottle.

●       Fully participate and focus on learning new plays and drills.

●       Please let coaches know if your athlete will not be able to make practice or games. This can be done in the Crossbar app.   If multiple practices are missed your athletes playing time will be affected. We are constantly adding plays and if they are not at practice they will miss out and hurt the team on the field.  

When are the games?

●       Varsity Games are typically played on Sunday mornings:

o   Mighty Mites (Schedule will vary. Coaches work together to schedule games)

o   Mites: 10:00

o   Midgets: 11:30

o   Peewees: 1:00  

▪         There may be games played Saturday night if towns request a change.  

●       JV games are typically played Saturday mornings:

o   Mites: 8:00

o   Midgets: 9:00

o   Peewees: 10:00

●       If we do not have enough 2nd graders to field a Mighty Mite team athletes may move up to Mite JV at discretion of parents/guardians.

●       Games are played in all types of weather.  Please make sure your athletes are dressed appropriately for the weather under their pads and uniform.  

●       Athletes are expected to show up an hour to an hour and a half before game time depending on discretion of the coaches.

●       If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to Joseph Iacobucci or Brian Kallenberg.

What equipment am I required to buy?

  • Mouthguard that attaches to helmet
  • Cleats - no metal
  • Practice pants with pads
  • Rib pads or compression shirt with pads
  • Girdle - Optional

What are the volunteer requirements?

You are required to do two volunteer shifts per athlete. Signups will be posted two weeks before the season starts.

Crossbar App

Practice and game schedule will be available in the Crossbar app. Please be sure to download this app before the season begins.


Any questions can be directed to ayfcbod@gmail.com.

Abington Youth Football

Registration for 2024 Football Season

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