Abington Youth Cheer

What are the age groups?

Mighty Mites: Grade 2

Mites: Grades 3 and 4

Pee Wees: Grades 5 and 6

Midgets: Grades 7 and 8

How much is registration?

Registration is $300 for the season.

Late Fee: $100 after May 15, 2024.

What apparel is required at an additional cost?

New this year, this is required for all levels, including Mighty Mites.

●       Uniform - $260

●       Warm-up Jacket - $60

●       White cheer sneakers. These will be purchased on your own, no preference on brand.

When are practices?

All practices will be held at Abington High/Middle School gym. Each team will practice twice a week. Typically, we begin practices outside the week before school starts. Indoor practices will begin the first week of school. These practices are closed-door, so parents and siblings are not allowed. Athletes should be dropped off and picked up promptly at the gym door by a parent or guardian. Please let coaches know if your athlete will not be able to make practice or games. This can be done in the Crossbar app.


Athletes are expected to:

●       Come to all practices on time.

●       Wear appropriate practice and game attire. No jewelry–including piercings, long fingernails, nail polish, or hard hair clips.

●       Stay for the entire length of the practice.

●       Bring a water bottle.

●       Fully participate and try their best!


The AYF/C by law states “All cheer athletes will be allowed three (3) absences during the season, except for the two practices before each competition which are mandatory for logistical and safety reasons. Any subsequent absences, or missed practices during the week of competitions, may result in ineligibility from competing with no return of fees”. Please note, if an athlete misses 15 minutes or more due to tardiness or early dismissal, this counts as an absence. 


Excused absences include but are not limited to: doctors appointments, illness, bereavement, etc. Please consult both Savannah and the Parent Advisor with any concerns or known dates the athlete will be missing. If an athlete is unable to practice due to an injury, please bring a doctor's note to Savannah DiMambro, VP of cheer indicating any and all restrictions.

When are competitions?

Typically, competitions are the first three weekends in November.

Who competes?

New this year, every team will compete in all three competitions, including Mighty Mites.

When are games?

We are required to cheer at all varsity games, home and away. These games are played on Sunday.

Games begin the weekend after Labor Day, and run through November.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can select that option when registering.


Athletes must attend all choreography sessions in order to compete with their teams this season. The choreography dates are listed below and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

*Mighty Mites choreography dates TBD*. 


4:30-8:30pm- PEE WEES

5:30-9pm- MIDGETS 


9am-12:30pm- MITES WHITE

1pm-5pm- MITES GREEN


4:30-8:30pm- MITES GREEN


9am-12:30pm- MITES WHITE

1pm-4:30pm- PEE WEES

5pm-9pm- MIDGETS 

What is the attendance policy?

All girls will be allowed three (3) absences during the season, except for the two practices before each competition which are mandatory for logistical and safety reasons. Any subsequent absences, or missed practices during the week of competitions, may result in ineligibility from competing with no return of fees.

Game Day

●       All athletes cheer at the varsity football home and away games. The Mighty Mites will be cheering for our 2nd grade football team, and potentially may include Saturday and Sunday morning games.

●       Varsity Games are typically played on Sunday Mornings

○       Mites: 10:00

○       Midgets: 11:30

○       Peewees: 1:00  

■       There may be games played Saturday night if towns request a change. 

●       On game days athletes must be with their Parent Advisor by the designated time.

●       For safety reasons, if an athlete is late to this practice, she may be removed from her position in the halftime routine. Please contact Savannah & the Parent Advisor if your child will be late or needs to leave early. 

●       Similar to practices, all athletes must stay for the entire length of the game. If this should be an issue, please contact Savannah prior to the first practice.

●       After halftime, athletes only have a few minutes to grab water and have a snack; they must return to the sidelines by the start of the second half.

●       Athletes must attend football games in full gameday uniform (below). There is a possibility that an athlete will not cheer for her team if she is not in full uniform; this will count as an absence. We cheer in all types of weather (heat, cold, rain, and even snow). Please bring weather appropriate apparel:

○       Top

○       Skirt/leggings

○       Bow/hair done

○       No-show white socks

○       White cheer sneakers

○       Warm up jacket

What are the volunteer requirements?

You are required to do two volunteer shifts per athlete. Signups will be posted two weeks before the season starts.

Crossbar App

Practice and game schedule will be available in the Crossbar app. Please be sure to download this app before the season begins.


Any questions can be directed to abingtonyouthcheer@gmail.com.

Abington Youth Cheer

Registration for 2024 Cheer Season

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